New Paper on Uniform plating and stripping of Lithium Metal Anodes just published. Read Here

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Rational solutions to interfacial problems in energy and sustainability

The Interface Design Lab is focused on developing and disseminating cutting edge research in the areas of renewable energy, electrochemistry, and corrosion prevention.  Our strategy is to develop and utilize novel characterization methods to clearly understand reasons of failure, inefficiency and poor performance. Using this foundation we then design rational solutions to challenges facing society.  The laboratory is led by Kevin N. Wood, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University.

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This is how ROAR treatments can improve Li metal electrodes. For more details please see the full publication. https://t.co/jmcAHJZbiN
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New work from our laboratory demonstrating an inexpensive and in-situ approach for uniformly plating/stripping Li metal in carbonate electrolytes without the use of coatings or electrolyte additives.” @ACS_AMI #battchat

Engineers Answer National Challenge, Create Assisted Breathing Device Prototype | NewsCenter | SDSU https://t.co/auiNbdAJJS

Working with local health experts to enable these systems can be used as backup ventilators if stockpiles run out https://t.co/StPLJ3ZS8i

Here is our response to #COVID19 . Please let us know if you have any experience with the @US_FDA approval process. Systems cost around $300 and can be easily assembled by hospitals #COVID19Pandemic #Ventilator #MechanicalEngineering @SDSU @SDSUResearch